About Us


The Swan Guildford Historical Society (the Society) was established in 1962 through the vision of Judy Hamersley, granddaughter of Charles Harper, who lived at Woodbridge.  The Society maintains a museum that includes significant Colonial buildings, and a collection of artefacts.  Our aim is to preserve the rich history of the area, and make it available for the education and enjoyment of local residents and tourists.

Our collection includes buildings, costumes, china, Many items in our collection have high local significance, known to have been used during the earliest years of settlement of the Swan River Colony.  The collection has significance at both a State, and national level.  It is afforded greater significance through its location in the former Guildford Courthouse, and in the Colonial Gaol on Meadow Street, considered to be one of Guildford’s most historic streets.  A weatherboard settlers’cottage known as Taylor’s Cottage, and an early 1920’s wash house are also situated within the historic precinct.

We rely on volunteers working in two specific areas.  A team of volunteers work on collection development, by classifying, conserving and managing items, under the guidance of a professional curator.  In the second area, volunteer tour guides conduct informative tours of sites within the Guildford historic precinct.  Past and present members and volunteers are to be commended for their dedication to the proper care, preservation and display of  precious items.  Without them, the collection may not have retained the cultural and heritage value that it enjoys today.



To collect, conserve, research, interpret and display:

  • The development of the early Guildford settlement as a port supporting the Swan Valley and inland agricultural region
  • The development of the Swan River Colony
  • The ongoing history of the town of Guildford and the Swan Valley Region
  • Interpret with integrity the history of the people and places.