About Us

A bit about the Society

The Swan Guildford Historical Society was established in 1962 by Judy Hamersley, granddaughter of Charles Harper of Woodbridge.  We maintain a historic precinct  that includes significant Colonial buildings and museum artefacts.  We work hard to preserve and share the rich history of Guildford and surrounds, making it available to locals and tourists.

Many items in our collection have high local significance, known to have been used during the earliest years of settlement.    Buildings we care for include the old Colonial Gaol on Meadow Street, one of Guildford’s most historic streets.  Taylor’s Cottage, a weatherboard settlers cottage is located nearby.  The former Guildford Courthouse, now the Swan Valley Visitor’s Centre is also in the vicinity.



  • HEADQUARTERS: Judy Hamersley House, 119 Swan Street Guildford 6055. Western Australia
  • MUSEUM: 24 Meadow Street Guildford 6055. Western Australia
  • POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 33, Guildford. 6935 Western Australia
  • EMAIL: sghistsoc@bigpond.com
  • TELEPHONE: 61 8 9379 1829