Thomas Jecks

Thomas Jecks

Fourth Mayor of Guildford 1891

In 1856, while building the Rose and Crown Inn, Thomas Jecks (Senior) had an accident, sustaining horrendous injuries that led to his death.  His wife, Elizabeth, was left alone to raise 13 children.

Thomas Jecks (Junior), Elizabeth’s eldest son helped his mother run the family business. They owned a small warehouse, and two boats that were operated from their own wharf near their home called “Almond Grove” in Market Street.

In the 1860’s Thomas left Fremantle with a shipment of horses, bound for India.  Here he found work at the Customs Department.   His brother Alfred and his cousin Theophilus Jones followed him to India.  After the death of Alfred in 1873, Thomas decided to return home to Guildford.

He was interested in civic life, re-joining the Town Trust soon after his return to Guildford. He was a member of the first volunteer corps formed in Guildford, a life member of the Agricultural Society, and a founding member of the Mechanics Institute.

Thomas married Selina Barlow in 1880.  Their union producing six daughters. With the resignation of Frank Tratman, Thomas Jecks was elected Mayor of Guildford, serving in that position from August until December 1891.

Tragedy again struck the family when Selina died suddenly of heart failure, during an operation to remove two teeth. Thomas then made the decision to return to managing his hostelry, the Rose and Crown Hotel in Swan Street.