We are renovating

Taylor’s Cottage

Our headquarters at 119 Swan Street Guildford are about to undergo a renovation, courtesy of City of Swan. In preparation, volunteers moved everything out of the house.  Removalists were brought in to shift furniture, PC’s, files, books, costumes etc to offsite storage.   This was a massive endeavour, thanks go to our President, Andrew Minogue, and volunteers who worked hard during this time.

It is anticipated the renovations will take six months.  When it’s finished we will have better meeting spaces, a new kitchen, and a place to conduct education programmes for school children.  In the back yard, the storage area will be upgraded and extended, with museum standard lighting and air conditioning for artefacts.  We will also have more room to move items that were kept in the house, into more appropriate storage conditions.

While renovations are taking place, we can still be contacted by phoning 9379 1829, or by emailing sghistsoc@bigpond.com.  Tours of the Colonial Gaol and Taylor’s cottage (pictured) continue to be conducted each Tuesday to Saturday.  Opening hours are 10AM to 2PM.