Previous Exhibitions

The exhibition entitled Cradle of the Colony was curated in 2015.  It explored aspects of Western Australia’s Colonial past, showcasing Guildford’s importance as an inland port; the impact of convicts, the building of the railway, and how Guildford became a fashionable address for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

A display in the Cradle of the Colony exhibition

Historic and rare item featured in the exhibition, such as costumes, paintings, furniture and paintings are part of the Swan Guildford Historical Society Collection.

A fascinating booklet describing the exhibition can be downloaded here.

Walking through history: 100 years of wedding dresses

In 2018, the exhibition called  Walking through history: 100 years of wedding dresses featured beautiful gowns that explored the choices brides over several decades made about fabric and style of dress.  Accessories such as boots, flowers, head dress, flowers and hats were also displayed.  These items brought to life the past, and recognised how tradition impacts on the present as well as future generations of brides.

A souvenir catalogue is on sale for $5