Costumes and Textiles


The Swan Guildford Historical Society has a significant and extensive collection of costumes, textiles and accessories from yesteryear.  Some items date from the 19th Century, evoking days gone by when ladies never showed enough skin to get sunburned, right through to more modern days.  Costumes tell the fashion and social history of Western Australia, and gives some insight into the frugality, ingenuity and imagination that went into producing hand sewn items, often in times of deprivation of hardship early settlers experienced.  The collection includes hats, hat boxes, shoes, boots, lace, hand made embroidered stockings, fans, shawls, wedding dresses, undergarments and  military uniforms.

Selected costumes and accessories from Swan Guildford Historical Society’s collection are displayed in a temperature controlled museum space located within the the Swan Valley Visitor Centre building.  The current exhibition called  “Walking through history: 100 years of wedding dresses” includes beautiful wedding dresses and accessories dating from the 1860’s to the 1970’s.  It provides a wonderful visual record of fashion through the ages, the material brides chose for their gown, and traditions associated with the wedding day.  Admission to the exhibition is FREE.  Opening hours: 9AM to 4PM daily.


Pictured are some examples of costumes and other items from our collection.