Our Collections


The Swan Guildford Historical Society is the custodian of an exceptional museum collection including:

  • Aboriginal Artefacts
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Artworks
  • Books
  • Childrens’ Toys
  • China, Silver, Personal Items
  • Convict Items
  • Documents, Maps and Plans
  • Firearms and Accoutrements
  • Furniture
  • Household and Domestic Items
  • Local Manufacturing Industries (Flour Milling and Brickworks)
  • Photographs
  • Textiles, Costumes and Clothing
  • Trades Tools
  • Other Significant Items

A copy of the Significance Assessment of the Swan Guildford Historical Society can be downloaded here.

When assessing whether a building or item is of value to the collection, the Swan Guildford Historical Society applies four primary criteria:

Primary Criteria

  • historic
  • aesthetic
  • scientific, research or technical
  • social or spiritual

A further five comparative criteria evaluate the degree of significance. These are modifiers of the primary criteria.

Comparative Criteria

  • provenance
  • representativeness
  • rarity
  • condition, completeness and integrity
  • interpretive potential

It is not necessary for all criteria to apply to an object for it to be considered highly significant. Not all items in museums are necessarily significant. Many items donated are declined for inclusion in the collection when they do not comply with the Primary and Comparative Criteria.


  1. Manage items and collections to conserve their meaning and values
  2. Understand significance before making decisions about items and collections
  3. Recognise important relationships between people, places and collections
  4. Identify and consult people and communities who may have a particular interest in items and collections
  5. Recognise and respect the relationship between Indigenous people and collections
  6. Keep good records to preserve the significance of items and collections
  7. Foster research exploring the context and meanings of items and collections
  8. Consider different points of view about what makes an item or collection significant
  9. Consider that significance may change over time and need re-investigation