Guildford Colonial Gaol Relaunch

After five months of extensive renovations, the Guildford Colonial Gaol was officially re-opened in April 2017.

Celia Miller, President of the Swan Guildford Historical Society welcomed guests and the Curator of the Swan Guildford Historical Society thanked the City of Swan for working on this important project which should make the heritage building good for the next 100 years.

Celia Miller addressing attendees at the Colonial Gaol relaunch 4th April 2017

Professor Pamela Statham Drew enthralled attendees with stories of the importance of the Gaol and its colourful past.

Councillor David Lucas and Professor Pamela Statham Drew unlocking the ceremonial padlock and chain. 4th April 2017

Councillor David Lucas the Deputy Mayor of the City of Swan unlocked the padlock to the chain across the door of the Gaol to announce it open.

A copy of the press release and press pack can be downloaded.