Frank Tratman

Third Mayor of Guildford

Frank Tratman was born in Bristol England in 1860. He was educated at Bristol Grammar School, where he distinguished himself as a top student. After graduating, the Colonial Office in London made an offer to go to the Swan River Colony as resident medical officer in Carnarvon.

On presenting his credentials to the Colonial Secretary in Perth in 1886, it was quickly realised Dr. Tratman’s talents would be wasted in Carnarvon. Instead he was appointed as Medical Officer and Justice of the Peace in the Guildford / Swan area. Here he resided in a government house, located in Meadow Street.  The district he managed was one of the largest in the Colony, and he performed his duties well over the next five years. In 1890 he was elected as Guildford’s third Mayor. However, his time in office was short.

The following year he resigned, returning to England where he enrolled in postgraduate medical studies at London University.  In 1893 he came back to Perth, establishing a large medical practice.  He also worked as a surgeon at Perth Hospital, a member of the Medical Board of WA, and president of the Dental Board.  Dr. Tratman was renowned for his high standards of excellence, and hard work.