Frank Henry Monger

Frank Henry Monger: Seventh Mayor of Guildford

The Monger family were early settlers in the York District where they owned large areas of land, a hotel and a general store.

Faversham House in 2017

John Henry Monger was a member of the Western Australian Legislative Council.  He inherited the family home, Faversham House following his father’s death in 1867.

In 1892 John Monger’s eldest son Frank settled in Guildford with his wife and four sons.  They leased a house called “Old Fairholme” in Market street.  An accountant by profession, Frank managed his father’s Perth office.

Frank was interested in local government, and was elected Mayor of Guildford in November 1893.  One of his earliest duties was to notify councillors the annual tour of inspection of the town would shortly take place.  

“This tour of inspection was much needed, for when one walked about the town it was painful to see the number of dilapidated fences and grants grown over with scrub.  In point of fact it was a disgrace to the municipality”.  (Councillor. Halford)

Tragically, Mayor Monger never lived to see improvements.   Always delicate in health, he was just 33 when on 10th January 1894, he suffered a heart attack, and died at his home.  He had served as Mayor for only two months, attending three Guildford Municipal Council meetings, and one meeting of the Guildford Local Board of Health.

It is said flags on the Perth Town Hall, and the Weld Club were set at half-mast, as a mark of respect for the passing of young Mayor Monger.