William George Johnson: Ninth Mayor of Guildford November 1894 – 1895

William George Johnson becomes Mayor for the fourth time.

34 Johnson Street

This was the fourth time William had been elected Mayor, it was also the year he demolished the family two storey home to make way for the house we see today at 34 Johnson Street in Guildford.

Quite a few sad events took place during 1895. January saw the death of Mrs Jecks, wife of Thomas Jecks, a former Mayor of Guildford and Landlord of the Rose and Crown Hotel. She died while she was having two teeth extracted whist Dr Stewart was administering chloroform. Thomas was left with the task of raising six girls.

In the February, a Chinese man named Wee Kim, whilst on remand in the local Gaol, tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, Mrs. Sellinger, the wife of the look-up-keeper, heard choking sounds proceeding from the cell, and immediately ran for assistance. She found that Doctor Stewart was nearby and the doctor entering the cell at once.  He cut the rope and let Wee Kim down. Wee Kim was little the worse for his suspension and was transferred to Fremantle Gaol.

Perth Courthouse

In the same month Mrs. Walter Padbury died. Charlotte and Walter Padbury had married in the Perth Courthouse on 23rd April 1844 – it was the first marriage to take place in this building. The ceremony was solemnised by the Reverend Wittenoom. Walter had been the first Mayor of Guildford in 1887. Following her death, Walter declined to be President of the Swan District Vine and Fruit Growers Association on account of his sad loss. He was, however unanimously re – elected Vice-President of the Association.

In November, an accident occurred at Guildford railway station. Jessie Clinton was claiming damages against the Commissioner of Railways for a sum of £5,000. She allegedly leant against the door, didn’t touch the handle, but fell out whilst the train was moving, suffering injuries which had necessitated the amputation of her foot. The outcome was for the plaintiff an amount of £400.