William George Johnson: Second Mayor of Guildford 1888-1889

William George Johnson – They even named a street after him!

George Johnson (Senior) came to Western Australia on board the Tranby in February 1830. In 1855 George built a double storey house at 34 Ellen Street (later renamed Johnson Street).  This house was demolished the mid 1890s by his son William George Johnson to make way for the lovely Federation Queen Anne residence we see today to accommodate himself, his wife, Elizabeth Victoria (nee Hardey), and their children.

William, like his father took an active part in public affairs. He was elected a member of the Municipal Council in 1880, returned as chairman in 1881, a position he held for the next three years.  In 1887 he succeeded Walter Padbury, and was again elected mayor in 1892, 1894, 1895 and 1897 – 1898, and again in 1906 to 1908.  As well as his Mayoral duties, Johnson served as a Justice of the Peace, a Licensing Magistrate, a member of the Swan Roads Board, and its Chairman for some years, and President of the Guildford Mechanics’ Institute.  His other positions in the Swan district included President of the Swan District Building Society from its inception in 1895, and Hon. Secretary of the Swan District Board of Education for thirty years.

What a privilege for William George Johnson to be remembered by a street named in his honour.