About Us

The Swan Guildford Historical Society was established in 1962 by Judy Hamersley, granddaughter of Charles Harper of Woodbridge.  We maintain a historic precinct  including Colonial buildings and museum artefacts.  We preserve and share the rich history of Guildford and surrounds, and work to make the precinct a tourist attraction.

Items in our collection have high local significance, known to have been used during the earliest years of settlement.    Buildings we care for include a Colonial Gaol, and Taylor’s Cottage, a weatherboard settlers cottage.


  • HEADQUARTERS: Judy Hamersley House, 119 Swan Street Guildford 6055. Western Australia
  • MUSEUM: 24 Meadow Street Guildford 6055. Western Australia
  • POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 33, Guildford. 6935 Western Australia
  • EMAIL: sghistsoc@bigpond.com
  • TELEPHONE: 61 8 9379 1829