Talk on Monday 9th April

Our next speaker, Lois Haime, was introduced to Bill de Burgh a friend of the late Judith Harper. Bill was looking for someone to type out handwritten letters, letters written by Henry de Burgh and Lois kindly offered to oblige. Lois realised what a wealth of information the letters contained, regarding life of the early settlers. Her talk, “Excerpts from Henry De Burgh’s diary from 1841” promises to transport us back in time.

The de Burgh brothers Henry and Robert, arrived on the “James Matthews” in 1841.
Their history is recorded in ‘The Breakaways’ written by Robert’s great grandson William, John de Burgh and his wife Margaret.

Please join us at the Mechanics Institute, Meadow St, Guildford. 7 00 pm for 730 pm -All are welcome