Samuel Waterman Viveash

17 February 1799 – 13 June 1880

The Viveash Family at Ashby Homestead

Dr. Samuel Waterman Viveash and his wife Susan (1813 – 1890), arrived in Western Australia as part of the Swan River Colony settlement scheme in December 1838 on the ship Britomart.

Viveash came to Western Australia as a medical practitioner, and was later appointed the resident magistrate of the Swan District, a position he held for many years. The couple took up land in the Avon Land district, then moved to the Houghton Estate for a short time, before being allocated Swan Location 14A “Wexcombe”. Ashby Homestead was built on this property in 1853.

Samuel and Susan raised 11 children. Viveash died on 13 June 1880, and is buried in the churchyard at Middle Swan.

The present day suburb of Viveash is named after Dr. Viveash, who owned the land in this area in the 1840’s. In the 1960’s it was developed by the Midland Brick Company, undertaking the subdivision of the land, and requesting that the area be given the name Viveash in May 1968.

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