Museum Tours and Prices

We conduct guided tours of the Historic Precinct at Guildford.  Individuals, primary school groups, seniors and community groups are welcome to visit and hear stories about law and order, and family life in days gone by.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday,  10AM to 2PM.  (Last tour starts at 1.30PM)


Adults : $5

Children 5 – 15 years : $3

Children under 5 : FREE

Group tours (10 or more people) : $4 per person

  • Group tours MUST be booked in advance.  Telephone : 08 9379 1829  or Email :

Tours include: 


A glimpse of law and order in Colonial days.  Experience the cramped conditions in the cells.  In the prisoner’s Day Room, view an exhibition of early trades, plus some fascinating artefacts.


A visit to the quaint early settler’s cottage is a real step back in time.  It was here that ex convict Edward Taylor, wife Emma, and their numerous children once lived.  What was life like before electricity, running water and inside toilets?


The wash house dates from the early 20th Century.  Children are amazed to learn the laundry was once done in a weatherboard room outside the house.  Older visitors enjoy seeing a wash house, ‘just like Mum had’.