Planning Your Visit


The Swan Guildford Historical Society’s museum attractions include a Colonial gaol, workers cottage (Taylor’s Cottage), and a 1920’s Wash House.  Tours are conducted each Tuesday to Saturday, between 10am and 2pm.  We are next door to the Swan Valley Visitors’ Centre, corner of Meadow and Swan Streets, Guildford.


Guildford is a 20 minutes drive from Perth CBD via Great Eastern Highway.  Turn right at the traffic lights near the Guildford Hotel, then turn left over the railway crossing into Meadow Street.  The Colonial Gaol is facing Stirling Square, just before the roundabout.  A small free car park allowing 2 hours free parking is available directly in front of the Colonial Gaol.


At Perth Central Railway on Wellington Street, catch a Perth to Midland train.  Trains run every 20 minutes during the day, and take approximately 18 minutes to arrive at Guildford Railway Station.  From here, turn to your left and proceed along James Street.  At the railway crossing turn left and proceed along Meadow Street.  The Colonial Gaol is facing Stirling Square, just before the roundabout.


At stops along St. George’s Terrace Perth, catch a Transperth number 36 bus.  Ask the bus driver to stop outside Alfred’s kitchen on James Street,  From here, cross at the railway crossing into Meadow Street.


The Colonial Gaol is highlighted with a brown visitor attraction dot and information on Google maps.


Look for the large “Guildford Gaol open”  sign displayed at the front of the building during opening hours.

Interpretation panels are located throughout the historic precinct (Part of the Guildford Heritage Walks).


Two hours free parking is available in the public car park adjacent to the Colonial Gaol entrance.  Some street parking in Meadow Street may also be available.


Colonial Gaol:  This is a heritage listed building, constructed at a time when standards were not as stringent as today.  The passageway leading to the gaol cells is narrow.  Entrance ways are narrow, marked with Mind Your Head signs.  It may be possible for smaller, narrow wheelchairs to access passageways.  However, access for electric mobility scooters and wide wheelchairs is not possible due to the confined spaces in this section of the Gaol.  Other areas of the building including the Justice room,  Day room and a passageway leading to the exercise yard outside do provide easier wheelchair access.

Note also that floorboards are uneven in places, with small rises at the threshold of internal doors.  This means that care should be taken at all times, when walking throughout the Colonial Gaol building.

Taylor’s Cottage:  A paved pathway leading up to Taylor’s Cottage makes it easy for visitors to approach the site.  There are small steps at the front and back doors to the cottage.

Wash house:  Pathways leading to the wash house enable a safe approach to the site.  The concrete floor in the wash house is uneven, making it necessary to exercise due care in this area.

Public Toilets:  Toilets, including a disabled access toilet are located directly behind the Colonial Gaol.   A baby change table is available in the disabled access toilet.



Our Headquarters:  Judy Hamersley House, 119 Swan Street Guildford

Phone:  (08) 9379 1829