10th Light Horse Statue coming to Guildford

At a ceremony held on 25th August 2018, the Light Horse Statue Committee announced Mr. Charles Robb as the winning tender to produce an interactive bronze statue of a horse and soldier.  The statue will be a tribute to the formation of the 10th Light Horse Regiment in Guildford, and the undying bond of loyalty between Diggers and their horses during World War I.  On completion the statue will be placed in Stirling Square, Guildford.

Left to Right: John Lyall, John Harper, Dale Tilbrook, John Lukin and Brigadier Phillip White admire the winning model.

The ceremony held in the Foundation Pavilion at Guildford Grammar School included guest speakers John Lyall, John Lukin, John Harper and Dale Tilbrook.  Each speaker made moving tributes to their relatives who fought for their country during the Great War.  They also spoke on the lasting impact the war had on those who fought and died, and also the effect on families and loved ones at home.  The effects continue to reverberate to this day.

Although unable to attend the ceremony, Mr. Robb’s had provided a maquette model of the statue, unveiled by Hon. Ken Wyatt MP and the Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA.

The City of Swan has donated $100,000 towards this magnificent statue, with other monies to be raised by pledges from the local community.